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Jeff's Resume

Leon Keyserling,

creator of the laws for President Franklin D. Roosevelt that created our Middle Class income that brought the U S up from 156 years of $1 dollar a day for comon labor and $2 dollars a day for skilled labor to today's benefits and President Truman's Chief Economic Advisor.(Law Degree Economics Degree)

A letter to Jeff Goolsby


Leon Keyserling,

"November 14, 1974
Dear Mr. Goolsby.
I read THE RAPED PAYCHECK very carefully. It is marvelous, and I now hail you as one of the most important economists, and certainly one of the most useful, of our times. Your material will be of great use to me in my own work. With all good wishes,
Leon H. Keyserling"
Mr. Keyserling was President Truman's Chief Economic Advisor, which, with the guidance of Mr. Keyserling, is the only Administration, in U.S. history that whipped inflation WITHOUT CAUSING A DEPRESSION following a major war. It was also the worst inflation pressure in U.S. History.


"I have been reading the great works of Democrat pare excellence, Jeff Goolsby!!!" By Mike Lustri, Former Chairman of Henry County Democrat Party

"The Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirementbook should be required reading for every American, particularly the Congress of the United States. We need more of his perspective on solving America's problems."R. Terry Holley, Democratic Party Chair, Georgia's 9th Congressional District, Evans, GA

I read your book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement, and it is great. I was shocked to learn about the political rip-offs. This is must reading for everyone who would rather retire rich instead of retire in poverty." Randolph Harrison, Rex, Ga.

"Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement, is very interesting and informative. The rip-off politicians will hate you for exposing what they have been doing. Your proposal to revamp retirement is exactly what every Social Security Taxpayer needs. Keep up the fight." Mark Havird, McDonough, Ga

"I was impressed when I read your book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement. I strongly recommend that every Social Security taxpayer read this book. It is the best and most foolproof retirement proposal I have ever seen or heard." Danny Kim, Conyers, Ga.

"Your ebook, CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County and Bush Phony Oil Shortage, about judicial corruption and suggested corrections is meticulous, necessary, and is must reading for every American citizen. The risk, due to legal loopholes allowing immunity for judges, district attorneys, and police to disobey the law and not produce justice, is like a rattlesnake sleeping under your bed that could bite you without notice." Mike Lustri, McDonough, Ga, Former Chairperson - Henry County Democratic Party.

How To PERSUADE Your Employees, Congress & President, To Stop The Fat Cat Greed Monsters from violating the Constitution gobbling competitors Businesses Destroying Jobs, And Put Their Victims Back To Work.

This is the ONLY source of exremely necessary education that you desperately need but is forbiden in our education system by Fat Cat Greed Monsters. Educaion that you can and must begin today

These books must be included in our public education system to prevent future Political Grassroots Depressions, loss of employment and benefits, and prevent our social disasters. We need your help to make it happen.

   First 4 Book Post Graduate Grassroots Political Economics Course.

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How To Create Jobs THE RAPED PAYCHECK SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement and FREE LIFE INSURANCE How To Stop Judicial Corruption, Local - State - Federal Singles Personals Dating Matchmaking Romance Remove Smoking Habit and Weight Gain Habit
6 Books Post Graduate Grassroots Political Economics and Humanities Course

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Hello, Do you want to keep our Franklin D. Roosevelt "Real" Democracy, or return to 156 years pre-1933 type Plutocracy/Sham Democracy $1 per day common labor and $2 per day skilled worker pay 6 days a week 10 to 12 hours per day, no benefits equivalent?? ( I know I was there.)

The reason my facts are different is that the Greed Monsters force the news media and Presidents with money or bullets to lie and slant news to avoid exposing their scams.  The news media are saying that the Big Banks and the Stock Market approved unqualified home loans causing todays unemployment disaster, which is a lie they are not involved in approving home loans. FHA. VA, etc, approve and guarantee home loans.  Read our books to learn reality, how to persuade Congress, and how to fix political and judicial scams.

The next thing you need to know, I am the Plutocracy Fat Cats’ most hated and feared man in the United States.  They have spent millions of dollars, including brainwashing, to prevent you and the rest of the 99% public from studying and learning my Grassroots Business and Political Economics concept invention because it would expose and reverses their scam ripoffs..

Are you aware that the Plutocracy Fat Cat Greed Monsters are on the verge of eliminating our Social Security, Medicare minimum wag3 law, reduce national heathcare .  Then have to move into your children's home or apartment for your retirement.  When you are unable to work, lose Medicare you would have to pay for your healthcare or suffer and do without, lose National Healthcare, pay or suffer.  Do without, Minimum Wage similar to $1 or $2 per day adjusted for inflation about $3 or $4 per hour, etc.  This would destroy our Franklin D. Roosevelt's created "Real" Democracy, then return us to full Plutocracy/Sham Democracy as existed in America 156 years before 1933 and FDR's "Real" Democracy, and thousands of years worldwide,?

Would you like to join a group to learn how and fight to prevent the impending return of the pre-1933 Plutocracy/Sham Democracy disaster that was taken away from the Plutocrats by Franklin D. Roosevelt and his created Real Democracy. Click Order Now or click any book picture to place your order, and get started right now.or continue learning reasons why America desperately needs your help to stop and recover from this Hoover type Depression.?

The basic cause of our inexcusable depressions is Inadequate public Economic Education and Apathy, specifically no Grassroots Business and Political Economics whatsoever.  We must fix this problem quickly or live with our continuing worsening disaster circumstances.

I know that you do not want to lose our FDR "Real" Democracy including our Social Security, Medicare, Minimum Wage, National Healthcare, Low Down Payments to buy homes, etc.

If you have any doubts about these facts, how do you explain the power and control of our Federal government that has been a huge disaster since 2007 to at least 75% of our adult population, most likely including you.

We have a Grassroots Economics concept invention that can prevent the loss of our "Real" Democracy from happening if you and enough people will learn how and help us.reverse this disaster using our concept invention

The reason that I am using the term "Real Democracy" is because during our first 156 years, until 1933, we had a Plutocracy/Sham Democracy $1 or $2 per day worker pay and NO benefits. Worldwide was the same for thousands of years. In Dictionary, Plutocracy:: "Government of the Rich, byt the Rich, and for the Rich."

During the Home Foreclosure Epidemic, millions of homes in thousands of neighborhoods had vacant foreclosed homes, some victims' furniture was thrown out in the front yard.  Some thieves in trucks would steal part of the victims' personal property because the victims jobs had been destroyed by Plutocracy Fat Cat Greed Monsters gobbling up their employers businesses.  Then they could not make their house payments, car, or furniture payments, most could not find a job for as long as 3 years.  Millions did not have anywhere to go and became homeless living on the streets begging for food, using card board boxes for bed and cover, and were falsely removed from the official work force reports.

We had a Plutocracy/Sham Democracy our first 156 years and worker pay was $1 or $2 per day, no benefits, for about 90% of our population

Are you aware that our "elected employees" in Congress and President have been and are allowing the Plutocracy Fat Cat Greed Monsters to gobble up their competitors to get a monopoly, destroying businesses and jobs in the multi-millions to cut quality, cut quantity, and raise prices, plus force massive unemployed victims to accept jobs at a fraction of their previous job wages and destroy our Democracy?.

On the other hand, do you and the rest of the 99% public know how to force Congress and President Obama to reverse this continuing Depression?

If you and the rest of the 99% know how, then why are all of you allowing your elected employees to cut your economic throats to eliminate Social Security, Medicare, Minimum Wage, etc. to reduce worker pay equivalent to our first 156 years $1 to $2 per day worker pay?  When you hire someone to cut your grass, paint your house, etc. you fire them on the spot if they are not doing the work right.

However, you, and our elected employees, can not fix anything unless you and they know how.  You can not fix this Hoover type Depression unless you have training in Grassroots Economics because Textbook Economics does not have any remedies to fix this type Depression.

Our wide spread depressions are always mostly in our lower 80% Grassroots economy for which no economic education is allowed by Plutocracy Fat Cats.  When you don't know how and the people we elect to run the government for every American citizen don't know how, disasters are allowed and happen.

If you have any doubts, you are not paying enough attention to the news.  By the way do you mind if I begin referring to you as Tom (Like Tom Sawyer) because I want to make sure that you know that I am still talking to you.

Tom, According to a 4-10-15 Gallup Poll, 21.7% of our 160,000,000 work force, 34,720,000 victims are either unemployed, working part-time, or doing odd jobs.

In 6 years using Textbook Economics along with unemployment compensation and food stamps has provided enough consumer purchase money to reduce our actual unemployment about 50%. .  Our official unemployment report is based on unemployment compensation weekly payments, which is phony.  However, an additional about 10 to 15 million victims were forced to accept jobs at about half their lost job pay.

To let you know how and why I invented Grassroots Business and Political Economics concept.  Textbook Economics is for the top 10% of a country’s economy and does not contain any remedies for the lower 80% Grassroots Economy to prevent or recover from Plutocracy Fat Cat gobbling competitors destroying jobs.

Tom, I was the largest volume Home Builder in Albany, Georgia for 18 years a status that I reached by outrunning the competition with a better house and faster construction during my first 4 years in home building.  Also, I began and ran a Real Estate business, Heating and Air Conditioning business, Roof Truss manufacturing business, selling to my competitors, and a Cabinet manufacturing business.  All of these were in the housing industry, which Plutocracy Republican Presidents Nixon and Ford cut off funding for the housing industry, a 2 year re-election Scam depressions that destroyed my businesses.

I have been a business victim of these Fat Cat Greed Monster scams many times costing me millions of dollars.  I am a problem solver, inventor, writer, and have mastered 75 trades and professions mostly to teach employees to produce the best products and services and produce a profit for my businesses and better pay for my employees.  I studied Textbook Economics, have researched and determined the causes and corrections to resolve and reverse these Greed Monster scams, creating Grassroots Economics.

Tom, For thousands of years all rulers were Plutocrats starting with growing families, then cities, and countries. They were called chiefs, kings, Pharaohs, Dictators, Presidents, etc.  All of the benefits went to the top and the workers were not allowed anything beyond enough for survival. Education was a no-no because they might learn how to overthrow the Ruler.

Africa is a strong example.  Black people were here as long as white people in Europe or longer.  No kind of education was allowed prior to when they began selling their peers into slavery in white people countries.  Today, we have learned that Black people were born with the same mental capacity as white people. Their Plutocrat peers would not allow them to use their brain capacity, most likely fearing they might become overthrown..

Plutocrats Fat cat Greed Monsters want to keep high unemployment so they can force workers to accept jobs with lower pay.  This is true in the U S and other countries.

Tom, Every U S Republican (Plutocracy) President in the last 100 years has deliberately caused a depression for 1. A 2 year re-election scam Depression that would begin as soon as the Republican president began his term. Then just as the mid term elections occur by increasing the money supply and reducing mortgage interest rates slightly restoring employment and lying by saying, "See I saved you from the previous President's damage.". or; 2. A much deeper Depression, like current "Hoover Type depression", for the benefit of Plutocracy Fat Cat Greed Monsters in their efforts to destroy “Real” Democracy.

. The current Hoover “Great Depression” type Worldwide Depression differs from the 2 year re-election Scam depressions.  This Depression is being caused by the repeal of 2 of President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s 1933 public protection laws, 1. preventing Fat Cat from gobbling up their competitors destroying businesses and jobs and 2. preventing Banks from gambling with Depositors’ money.

Tom, In our first 156 years, we had a Plutocracy/Sham Democracy, wages in the U S was $1 to $2 per day worker pay until FDR was elected in 1932.   FDR created “Real" Democracy that spread worldwide.  Prior to FDR’s election all countries were paying similar or lower worker pay.   For FDR, Leon Keyserling designed Democracy Middle Class income with benefits and methods to lift people out of super poverty and keep them above poverty.

FDR knew how to stop the Fat Cats from continuing destroying jobs. But, FDR and his Textbook Economic Advisors did not now how to create new full-time adequate pay jobs.  They tried using Textbook Economics for 9 years without success.  Combining Grassroots Business and Political Economics concept with Textbook Economics can very quickly restore full-time employment with adequate pay.

Tom, President Obama’s election and re-election campaigns were mostly financed by the Plutocracy Fat Cats and he has prevented Democrats from re-instating the FDR public protection laws. Fat Cats are still gobbling up competitors destroying businesses and jobs in the United States.  He is using Textbook Economics only.

In Obama’s re-election campaign, he admitted his connection and obligation to the Plutocracy Fat Cats when in a news article headline, he said “I am trying to get the Fat Cats back on my team.”.  The same Plutocracy Fat Cats that created our current continuing Depression.

Tom, The current Depression is and was caused by Fat Cats “permanently” gobbling up competitors destroying businesses and jobs.  Causing a severe shortage of economic activity is also destroying millions of U S businesses and destroying multi-millions of jobs.  Today's Depression has increased our personal losses, home foreclosures, businesses losses, etc., increase Federal debt combined about $15 trillions dollars.

This current Depressions requires stopping the Fat Cat Greed Monsters from gobbling up competitors and creating a normal economy by putting Fat Cat victims back to work and simultaneously creating a market for their production.  Clearly putting victims back to work producing products and service would not work unless there is enough employment and consumer money available to purchase their products and services.

Tom, My first Grassroots Economics book, I sent several manuscripts to book publishers but everyone declined.  I purchased a used printing press, printed and self published it..  Later Prentice Hall Publishing Company contacted me wanting me to write a book about my successful unique home building techniques and requested something to document my ability to author a book.  I sent to them a copy of my first Grassroots Economics book, The Raped Paycheck.

The top executive read it, called me and said “it is the most important book he had ever read”.  I requested that they publish it for me.  He said they could not afford to publish it because the Banks would close their business. The news media, TV, Radio, etc. will not allow my material because they are afraid the Fat Cats will stop advertising with them.  Their existence depends on the Fat Cat advertising.

My ebook, Job Robbers, that provides details of the causes of the U S current ongoing depression and remedies that would quickly restore our unemployment that is much worse than the former President Plutocracy Republican "Reagan partial unemployment Report".

Tom, Please remember that to have a successful and safe Democracy, at least 96% employment with adequate pay employment is necessary.  In a Democracy, everyone works for everyone.  I work and make products or services you need and buy.  You work and make products or services that I need and buy..  That way all of us live a happy and comfortable life.  Greed is a no-no, but ambition is great and some people are ambitious, work harder, and accomplish more financially than the average person then become leaders and employers.

Do you really want to keep our "Real" Democracy and our benefits??

Tom, Then you must help force your elected employees in Washington (President and Congress) to stop this Depression and restore employment to a true 96% and a normal economy. 13,000,000 Americans fought and many died in WWII to keep our "Real" Democracy, what have you done for it?

If the above 4 Grassroots Economics books were offered in College, it would cost about $50,000 to learn Grassroots Economics.  Today, you can get this extremely valuable and necessary education for less than $100.

. Tom, If you really want to help save our "Real" Democracy, click Order Now or click any book picture to place your order, and get started right now.

Also, please ask your friends, neighbors, and family to do the same thing and prevent the Fat Cats from destroying our Real Democracy and benefits.

Tom, Are you really concerned that millions of jobs are still being destroyed every month and you could be next, and more than 34 million victims are currently unemployed or working odd jobs or part time searching for a permanent type full time job despite the news media partial unemployment reporting?

Then you must enroll in our new invention, "GOOLSBYNOMICS". Grassroots Business and Politicsl Economics "forbidden" new "Real World" education, Postgraduate Grassroots Business and Political Economics Course right now.  This Grassroots economics is forbidden information in our education system because it exposes and provides correction and reversal remedies for political scams..

Or, you may purchase any of these books indvividually, Click Order Now or click any book picture to place your order.

Tom, Upon completing these courses and passing our final exam, you will receive our D-EAT 4 book Grassroots Political Economics MA Certificate, or D-EAT 6 book Grassroots Political Economics & Humanities Ph.D. You would pay at least $50,000 for this size education course if it were allowed in our Colleges and Universities..

Then we can put our adequately educated Army to work and reverse this premeditated unemployment disaster now before it is too late.

Here are some recent news headlines and information to document reasons why we must hurry unless you want to finish losing our Democracy:  Also, we must persuade President Obama to quit using current economic advisors for personal economic advice and use GOOLSBYNOMICS real solutions instead.

"Chronic unemployment worse than Great Depression"

Tom, "For 2012, Obama wants "Fat Cats" back on his side" (The Fat Cats that are gobbling up their competitors destroying millions of businesses and multi-millions of jobs. Guess what commitments he had to make when he got the Republican Fat Cats back on his team?)

Tom, "The president reaches out to Wall Street donors"

(The Fat Cat 1% bribery is out of the bag, the Plutocracy Fat Cats triple financed Obama in 2008 because he would be be the easiest to scam, manipulate, and beat in 2012.

Democracy requires at least 96% employment or revert back to Plutocracy (Dictionary: Government of the Rich, by the Rich, and for the Rich), Business must make a profit, and workers must receive appropriate discretionary income for their skills.

Tom, If you order all 6 of our Grassroots books, you can develop a Grassroots education beyond your wildest dreams that is not allowed in our education system.  You will help create an increase in Social Security retirement income instead of the current 75% cut in income at Social Security retirement and prevent the Plutocracy Arm Republicans from their planned exterminating Social Security.  1% Fat Cats have already persuaded President Obama to put their destruction in place to destroy Social Security in about 5 years by eliminating almost half of Social Security Retirement payroll deductions.

Tom, you and America desperately need you to learn how and help fight to stop the the Plutocracy freight train and reverse the damages. You will be getting a massive Grassroots Ecoomics education that is double Ph.D beyound an an academic Econonomic Ph.D education. Click Order Now or click any book picture to place your order, and get started right now.if you really are capable and determined to fight for our country. ?

If you need more information or have any difficulty ordering online, call 770-474-2655 for assistance.

Law Creating History<br>
I, Jeff Goolsby, hereby certify that every proposal and recommendation in every publication offered on this website is based on documented similar or related facts or my personal training and experiences that worked. I have mastered 78 trades and professions, including Grassroots Business and Political Economics, click my Resume link. My GOOLSBYNOMICS was the basis for 2 laws U S President's Economic Handbook, Federal law, Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978, But, rendered useless with the "President Discretion Clause" and Georgia Residential Finance Agency, GRFA. for low income housing. I created the basis and co-authored both laws. Read each book on this website 3 times and get a living education beyond a Ph.D.

For more Jeff Goolsby


Jeff's Resume


Beyond Ph.D.
Educator Richard J. Cebula, Ph.D., Associate Economics Professor, Emory University, Atlanta, GA, said upon reading my book, THE RAPED PAYCHECK,(Goolsbynomics) called me and said it was "the most important book he had ever read and that my book should be a required subject in every high school, college, and university in the United States."
Richard requested to co-author it with me for his Ph.D. to get it into our education system. He became co-author in the second edition but we could not get it into the education system due to Fat Cat Greed Monsters secret Country Control.

I would like to congratulate Mr. Goolsby on the publication of his book, SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement. He took a very difficult subject and he has made sensible recommendations that our elected officials should take to heart. Mr. Goolsby would do a great service for our country, if he would consider running for the presidency. We need a leader that the leader can understand the real problems of the middle America citizens. Thanks again to Mr. Goolsby and his dedicated work. Best Wishes, Victoria Flom, Stockbridge, GA

"Your book, CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County and Bush Phony Oil Shortage, is a book for those that think it can't happen to them. I especially like your ideas regarding overhauling the criminal justice system."Roy Harrell, Candidate for Henry County Magistrate Judge.

THE RAPED PAYCECK "Certainly makes a very persuasive argument.", Casper Weinberger, Secretary, Health, Education, and welfare.

"THE RAPED PAYCHECK, Lowered the boom on Washington...The Revelations are astounding", Edgar W. Teasley, Editor, NEWSLETTER, HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION of Greenville, S. C.

Fascinated by THE RAPED PAY CHECK.Agree completely with common sense approach", William A. Trotter, President, Georgia Association of Realtors.

"I am in substantial agreement with THE RAPED PAYCHECK", J. S. Norman, Jr., President, National Association of Home Builders.

Fascinating THE RAPED PAYCHECK Book.by a practicing builder who is also an economist", NAHB JOURNAL SCOPE , magazine.

"Most informative...I quote it and recommend it to friends and legislators",C. H. Westergard, Vice President, National Association of Home Builders.

"Logic... so simple THE RAPED PAYCHECK wonder why it was not obvious all the time", F. H. DeLoach, Jr., President, Commercial Food Services.

"Really good THE RAPED PAYCHECK I have told many people about it"Robert K. Friedrich.