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(A letter from Leon Keyserling, Author of some of Roosevelt's public protection and most benefits laws that created the Middle Class Income status in America and the industrialized world, Chief Economic Advisor in the Truman Administration.  He authored the President's Economic Handbook, Federal law "Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978" that was THE RAPED PAYCHECK converted to Federal law making Jeff indirect co-author, which all presidents have violated except some use by Clinton due to the President Enforcement Discretion Clause.)

Leon read THE RAPED PAYCHECK 3 times then called Jeff on the phone and said "It was the most important book that he had ever read.".  Then sent a letter to Jeff requesting written authorization to commence using Jeff''s economic material.  ;Leon learned numerous methods for creating permanent type jobs by studying this book.  The following letter is confirmation and appreciation for receiving Jeff's authorization.

"November 14, 1974
Dear Mr. Goolsby.
       I read THE RAPED PAYCHECK very carefully.  It is marvelous, and I now hail you as one of the most important economists, and certainly one of the most useful, of our times. Your material will be of great use to me in my own work.
            The National Economic Policy today is neither solving the problem of cruel inflation nor the problem of costly unemployment-recession.
      The correct approach is that policy designed to restore full employment and production would greatly reduce inflation, which your book expounds so admirably and with such comprehensive factual support.
       You are on the right track, and I am so profoundly convinced that your book would appeal to the thoughtful public and be of benefit to all who read it and thus to the Nation and people at large.
      With all good wishes,

                         Leon H. Keyserling"

Another letter from Leon.
"October 6, 1976
Dear Mr. Goolsby
        I understand that you have entered the race in your District for the House of Representatives. That is good news to me, and it should be to many others. I am thoroughly familiar with your great book on the money problem, and have learned your views on other subjects through personal contacts.
        You thoroughly understand how our economy really works, and you are thoroughly dedicated to making it work better for the good of the people at large.
    With all good wishes,
            Leon H. Keyserling"
(Republicans spent many millions of dollars a few days before the election to prevent me from my "Write-in" campaign beating this Republican voting Democrat.)

      President Roosevelt got laws enacted protecting the public from Greed Mongers (and Plutocracy Republican Senator Gramm eliminated them in 1999 with President Clinton's signature). Mr. Keyserling authored laws for Roosevelt that created our Middle Class benefits and Income status.  He was the Chief Economic Adviser for the Truman Administration, which, with the guidance of Mr. Keyserling, is the only Administration, in U.S. history that whipped post-war inflation WITHOUT CAUSING A DEPRESSION.  It was also the worst inflation pressure in U.S. History.  When Truman left office, unemployment was 2.9% and inflation was less than 1%.  Truman used 94% income tax on public corporations and the super rich, Truman/Keyserling might have paid off WWII Federal debt that was larger than our 2011 Federal debt in relative dollars, except for the Korean War occurring.

      With Jeff's written permission, Leon used Jeff's THE RAPED PAYCHECK book as the basis for the "President's Economic Handbook" Federal law, Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978, and sent a copy of it to Jeff for comments and recommendations before Senator Humphrey and Congressman Hawkins got it enacted.  It had to contain a discretionary clause to get President Carter to sign it, which he did, then threw in the trash can.  Carter refused to comply with it, which is why he did not win re-election.
      Leon's economic creations are the main reason that started the middle income status with discretionary income to purchase items beyond bare necessity that caused the huge number of benefits that we enjoy today.  There was virtually no middle class income anywhere prior to 1933 when the Democrats gained full power in Washington and provided protection for labor unions.
      Prior to 1933, virtually all employees, except management, only received $1 to $2 per day pay because Greed Mongers, Dictator, Kings, Tribe Chief, etc. controlled all countries and tribes.

      Richard J. Cebula, Ph.D., associate Economics Professor, Emory University purchased and read THE RAPED PAYCHECK and called me.  He said that "It was the most important book that he had ever read and it must become a required subject in every high school, college, and university.  He requested to co-author it with me to get it in our education system with his Ph.D.  We did in the 2nd edition but we could not get in our education system because the Fat Cats would not allow it because they did not want the public to learn how to detect their scams and mistakes.

      The Senior Editor at Prentice Hall Publishing Company read THE RAPED PAYCHECK for valuation upon their request for me to write a book about my extraordinary home building system.  He called me and also said that it was "the most important book that he had ever read and must become a required subject in our education system".  I responded, how about publishing it for me? He said "we would not touch it with a 20 foot pole because we have to borrow money the same as other businesses and the banks would shut us down".

      Governor Jimmy Carter signed the law that I created, Georgia Residential Finance Agency, GRFA, indicating that he liked to help people. Soon after Jimmy Carter (Jimmy Who?) started his Presidential campaign, he read THE RAPED PAYCHECK and he sent me a complementary letter. Then his campaign immediately began to move. It gave him specific details of how President Ford was wrecking our economy and hurting people, which he used in his campaign. BUT, when he became President, he adopted most of Ford's economic disaster hurting people, indicating that he liked to hurt people or was severely intimidated by Plutocracy Republicans, and would not allow any contact with me, even though his Chief of Staff, Hamilton Jordan's father was a friend of mine, and appointed Reagan's most important campaign worker, Paul vVlcker, Chairman of the Federal Reserve then public hatred exploded when he raised home loan rates to 14% shutting down home building. I was recovering from the Ford disaster and was processing 13 pre-sold homes to build and 12 of them canceled.

I would like to congratulate Mr. Goolsby on the publication of his book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement.  He took a very difficult subject and he has made sensible recommendations that our elected officials should take to heart.  Mr. Goolsby would do a great service for our country, if he would consider running for the presidency.  We need a leader that the leader can understand the real problems of the middle America citizens. Thanks again to Mr. Goolsby and his dedicated work.  Best Wishes, Victoria Flom, Stockbridge, GA

"The Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement book should be required reading for every American, particularly the Congress of the United States.  We need more of his perspective on solving America's problems." R. Terry Holley, Democratic Party Chair, Georgia's 9th Congressional District, Evans, GA

      "I read your book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement, and it is great.  I was shocked to learn about the political rip-offs.  This is must reading for everyone who would rather retire rich instead of retire in poverty." Randolph Harrison, Rex, Ga

      "Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement, is very interesting and informative.  The rip-off politicians will hate you for exposing what they have been doing.  Your proposal to revamp retirement is exactly what every Social Security Taxpayer needs.  Keep up the fight." Mark Havird, McDonough, Ga

      "I was impressed when I read your book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement.  I strongly recommend that every Social Security taxpayer read this book.  It is the best and most foolproof retirement proposal I have ever seen or heard." Danny Kim, Conyers, Ga

      "Your ebook, CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County and Bush Phony Oil Shortage, about judicial corruption and suggested corrections is meticulous, necessary, and is must reading for every American citizen.  The risk, due to legal loopholes allowing immunity for judges, district attorneys, and police to disobey the law and not produce justice, is like a rattlesnake sleeping under your bed that could bite you without notice." Mike Lustri, McDonough, Ga, Former Chairperson - Henry County Democratic Party

      "Your ebook, CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County and Bush Phony Oil Shortage, is a book for those that think it can't happen to them.  I especially like your ideas regarding overhauling the criminal justice system." Roy Harrell, Candidate for Henry County Magistrate Judge

  Additional 1974-1975 unsolicited comments about THE RAPED PAYCHECK:

"Certainly makes a very persuasive argument.", Casper Weinberger, Secretary, Health, Education, and welfare.

"Lowered the boom on Washington...The Revelations are astounding", Edgar W. Teasley, Editor, NEWSLETTER, HOME BUILDERS ASSOCIATION of Greenville, S. C.

"Fascinated by it...Agree completely with common sense approach", William A. Trotter, President, Georgia Association of Realtors.

"I am in substantial agreement", J. S. Norman, Jr., President, National Association of Home Builders.

"Fascinating Book...by a practicing builder who is also an economist", NAHB JOURNAL SCOPE , magazine.

"Most informative...I quote it and recommend it to friends and legislators", C. H. Westergard, Vice President, National Association of Home Builders.

"Logic... so simple... wonder why it was not obvious all the time", F. H. DeLoach, Jr., President, Commercial Food Services.

"Really good...I have told many people about it"Robert K. Friedrich, Vice President, National Association of Home Builders.


THE RAPED PAYCHECK is currently out of print (It is 325 pages, too large to download) but we will print more copies as soon as we have enough orders. We will refund your money upon your request if you order now and if we do not have enough orders within 60 days to justify a new printing.

Rex, Ga (Metro Atlanta)
Author, Inventor, and Business & Political Economist:
Jeff Goolsby

  • Indirect co-author with Leon Keyserling of the "President's Economic Handbook", Federal Law , "Full Employment and Balanced Growth Act of 1978", that was THE RAPED PAYCHECK converted to Federal law making Jeff indirect co-author.  As of August 2011, every president since 1978 has violated this law except Clinton.

  • He co-authored the Georgia law, Georgia Residential Finance Agency, GRFA. He invented the concept of States subsidizing home loans for low income people which was adopted by 35 states before Georgia enacted GRFA, Georgia Residential Finance Agency.  This was also done despite a barrage of "Unrealistic, it can't be done".

  • He has owned and successfully operated 7 different businesses.   As a result of natural problem solving talent and a huge amount of financial damage by Plutocracy Republican government management corruption scams and judicial corruption damage, he invented the Business and Political Economics Education concept, which is forbidden in our education system.  He authored 4 Business and Political Economics books exposing political corruption and providing damage reversal remedies, including exposing judicial corruption and corrections, plus 2 general life improvement books.  He invented exterior rearview mirrors for motor vehicles that provide without distortion the blind spot, overtaking area, and regular view, which will be available to the public soon.  By learning and mastering every trade and profession involved in each owned business to train employees and other involvements, he mastered 74 trades and professions.

  • 1967 State President, Home Builders Association of Georgia.

  • 2 terms President,  Home Builders Association of Albany, Ga.

  • Life Director, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), since 1958.

  • 17 years Mortgage Finance and Business Committee, National Association of Home Builders (NAHB).

  • 17 years State Director, Home Builders Association of Georgia.

  • While on the NAHB Mortgage Finance Committee, he invented and caused the Conventional 95% home loan to be born despite a barrage of "Unrealistic, it can't be done".

  • Home Builder 41 years, building 956 homes.

  • Largest  volume home builder in Albany, Georgia for 18 years.

  • 30 years Georgia licensed Heating and Air Conditioning.

  • Georgia licensed Real Estate Broker since 1961.

  • In 1974, he wrote the book, THE RAPED PAYCHECK, (Political Economics Textbook) a blueprint for a stable national economy WITHOUT "High Interest Rates", "Tight Money" (Phony money shortage), Runaway Inflations, Depressions, High Unemployment, or an epidemic of home foreclosures.  In 1976, added Richard J. Cebula, Ph.D, as a co-author so it could also be used as a textbook in high schools. colleges, and universities.  This book is a must read for every president of the United State, or any country, if they actually want their citizens to have the best possible economic life and prosperity instead of squeezing money from ordinary citizens and giving it to their "Greed Monger" campaign contributors.

    Leon Keyserling, President Truman's Chief Economic Advisor and author of most of most of President Roosevelt's benefit laws and public protection laws from Greed Mongers, said that the Jeff Goolsby Economic Proposals were better than his Roosevelt laws and management of economics for The Truman Administration despite the fact that Mr. Keyserling did the best economic management job in our history preventing runaway inflation during the worst inflation pressure in our history.

  • Recently wrote the book, Jeff Goolsby SOCIAL SECURITY UPGRADE Guaranteed Rich Retirement and FREE LIFE INSURANCE.  This proposal would prevent the current 75% cut in income for the 87% of retirees, who do not have any income beyond their Social Security checks, that is occurring today and instead provide an increase in income at retirement about 6 times as much as today's income, which is the most powerful Economic Engine ever proposed in the United States.

  • Recently wrote the book, CORRUPTION IN HENRY COUNTY also Fulton County that provides details and names of a huge theft and judicial corruption that destroyed his cabinet business. Also, makes recommendations for numerous law changes and improvements that could prevent most judicial corruption in the future including Civil Rip-offs and wrongful Criminal Convictions.

  • Recently wrote the book, Remove Your Smoking Habit & Weight Gain Habit, a method that does not require doctor visits or expensive medicine and it is guaranteed to work.

  • Recently wrote the book, Job Robbers, that provides details of the causes of the Plutocracy Bloodless Civil War against Democracy that in 2013, Plutocracy win position is about 85 to 90% and provides technical remedies to quickly reverse their damage, restore full-time employment to at least 96%, and restore our economy to normal.  Dictionary definition of Plutocracy "Government of the Rich, By the Rich, and for the Rich.", Super Rich and Super Poor that was worldwide for thousands of years and in our country as Plutocracy with a sham Democracy until 1933.   President Roosevelt, Leon Keyserling designing Democracy benefits, Labor Unions able to strike without some getting killed, and President Truman, producing our Democracy that we are now losing to about 85%.


  • Recently wrote the book, How To Find, Capture, and Keep Your Dream Man Forever, that provides details of how to choose and marry correctly to eliminate most divorces, eliminate most teen pregnancies, rapes, abortions, etc.,. and attempt to raise our social standards up to European standards.

  • He recently invented the Jeff Goolsby TripleView Exterior Rearview Mirrors, a driver side and passenger side exterior rearview mirror for motor vehicles that displays: 1.  The blind spot, 2.  The overtaking area, and  3.  The regular rearview area, all without any distortion.  He has recently received patent approval for this invention.  

    The U.S Department of Transportation has advised that it can take as much as 2 or 3 years before they can start requiring these much safer mirrors on new automobiles, trucks, buses, motorcycles, etc. to eliminate lane change accidents and "Road Rage" incidents caused by the current passenger side rearview convex mirror and driver side rearview mirrors without any blind spot or overtaking view now required on new cars.  

    In Georgia there were 21,076 improper lane change accidents in 1998 causing 41 deaths.  If the ratio is the same nationwide that means that approximately 705,000 lane change accidents occur each year with approximately 1,400 deaths nationwide resulting therefrom.




  • He is currently editor of the Internet Newspaper www.jeffgoolsby.net.
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