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"Will you be one of the 350,000 people who die from smoking or 300,000 people who die from obesity this year in the United States?"

 "Do You Want To
Quit Smoking Forever"
         and/or rid your Excess Weight Forever?

If you are Serious and Dedicated,
you must get this book,
and learn how
if not Do Not Read Any Further.

      The remedies in this book are 100% natural and can not harm your health in any way, but they work like magic GUARANTEED.  Chemical quit smoking and weight loss remedies often damage your health, some causing premature death, and are designed to make you a repeat customer.
      If you quit any habit without removing the habit, you will retain the habit the rest of your life and with smoking if you smell cigarette smoke, you have switched your smoking habit back on and you can't stand it, so you have to smoke a cigarette then you have resumed smoking as if you never quit.
      This is exactly why you are having difficulty quitting smoking.  Companies that sell chemical "Quit Smoking" treatments want you to "fall off the wagon" and be a repeat customer so they can continue getting your hard earned money.  We are the only one offering a habit removal system so you do not return to smoking.  We do not have stockholders demanding that we double our profits every year.
      I smoked for 26 years and was a very heavy smoker when I permanently quit.  Just before removing my smoking habit, I was smoking a cigarette and chase it with a pipe, chase the pipe with a cigar, and chase the cigar with another cigarette.  I tried numerous times to quit cold turkey and quit smoking remedies.  Within about 3 days I could not stand it and smoked one cigarette then resumed smoking full blast.
      I developed my habit removal quit smoking remedy and used my new habit removal invention the entire month of January 1968.  After the end of January, I have never had the slightest desire to smoke anything since January 31, 1968.
      We have a quit smoking remedy that will end your smoking forever.  There won't be any nicotine fits, withdrawal problems, something for your hands to do, etc.  You do not need any expensive medicine or doctor visits, nicotine patches, etc.
      Have you been trying to lose weight and get back to your correct weight, yet every time you lose weight, in a short time you gain back more than you lost, which is what happens with crash weight loss remedies?
      With eating too much, when you smell delicious food, you can't stand it, and you eat until you are about to pop, you have switched your habit back on and you are back to eating too much along with gaining more weight than you lost.
      We have a remedy that can remove your overeating weight gain habit while removing your excess weight and keep you at your correct weight.  You will be able to maintain your correct weight without problems unless you have a medical problem.  Even with a medical problem, our remedy will be a tremendous help to you in controlling your weight.
      Companies that sell "Fad Diet weight reduction" treatments want you to "fall off the wagon" and be a repeat customer so they can continue getting your hard earned money.  We are the only one offering a habit removal system so you do not return to eating too much and gaining weight again.
      According to health experts, it is becoming more documented that being overweight causes many health problems that either would not occur with a normal weight or would not be as severe.  Many people are dying prematurely because they are overweight or obese.  Many people are living a life of misery because they can not do the things they would like.
      Clearly our bodies were designed to carry a normal amount of weight.  Being overweight is obviously placing an unnecessary strain on every body function.  If you are 100 pounds overweight, it is the same as walking around with a 100 pound sack of cement strapped to your back.  Obviously, you would feel better, live better, and live longer if you remove the strain permanently, which is unlikely to happen unless you remove the habit that is causing your excess weight.
      Our remedy can remove your habit and does not call for any starvation, or going hungry, or any shock to your system.  You will lose your excess weight in a manner that will be easy to maintain your correct weight without any problems.  Guaranteed.
      When you lose all of your excess weight and or quit smoking permanently, you can not imagine how much better you will feel and enjoy living.  You will feel like a brand new person.  When I removed my smoking habit, I enjoyed not smoking more than I enjoyed smoking.
      Let us start you on the road to your permanent removal of your smoking and/or weight gain problem, or some other habit removal..
      The price is $24.97 but for a limited time, we will deliver this remedy to you for for $19.95 (plus $1.40 sales tax if you live in Georgia).  If you applied our instruction exactly, if you decide that you do not like our habit removal remedy, send an email message to us explaining what happened and we will resolve the problem so it works or refund your money, no hassle, GUARANTEED.
      Place your order now and receive your remedy within 3 minutes on your computer screen, so you can read and commence using it right now.  No trip to the drug store, no waiting for shipping, use a PDF format reader such as a free www.Adobe.com reader or an electronic book reader. .  It can start you on the road to a healthier you, right now, guaranteed.
      The only thing you can lose is your smoking and/or weight gain problem permanently, so if you have a smoking or weight problem and are concerned about your health, you should go ahead right now and take advantage of this reduced price.
      The bottom line is that if you are fully committed to quit smoking or lose weight and keep it off and have not had any luck with chemical solutions, you are nuts, or worse, for the price of a dinner, if you do not try our remedy that can not harm you and it is guaranteed to work or your money back.   Doctors and FDA approved Medicines do not guarantee anything.
      Click Remove Smoking & Weight Gain Habit to claim your remedy right now and learn how to rid yourself forever of your smoking habit or weight gain habit.  Most inkjet printers will print this remedy book very quickly.

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Also, please click Received & confirm receiving this remedy.

      If you do not act now, you will probably forget it and continue damaging you health, so go ahead now and CLICK Remove Smoking & Weight Gain Habit to claim your remedy right now and learn how to rid yourself forever of your smoking habit or weight gain habit.  Most inkjet printers will print this remedy in less than 5 minutes.

      Many thanks.

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